Cajen Coquette (aka Cokie) Her first Group 2


Dwight and Paula Caffee Wildhare Whippets in Kellyville, OK. Dwight and I came by this kennel name quite by chance. We had thought of others, but none seemed to quit fit the way this did. In the years we have been married we have owned dogs of many breeds. Our first love in quality dogs was Newfoundlands. We got our first Whippet when our children wanted to show in Junior Showmanship. We felt a Newf was too large for a child to show. Time went by and we were left with only a rescue Basset Hound. Dwight and I talked about getting another dog as the Basset was getting old. We did talk about another Newf, but neither of us wanted the heartbreak that went with the health problems. It was Dwight that first suggested we get another Whippet. That was all it took and we were off to the "hunt" to find "one". One weekend Dwight went to the shows in Wichita Ks. He was showing Shepards at the time. Several rings over the Whippets were being shown. Carolynn Bates was showing Megan. Now Ch Wildwind Sand N' Sable, JC, CR. Dwight saw Megan and that was that he "had" to talk to Carolynn. We didn't get a Whippet from her right away, ofcourse, but that was fine. We wanted to wait for just the right "one".

Then the day came!!!!! We met Carolynn at a friends house in Oklahoma City. Oh, the puppies were so sweet. Dwight kept watching a red brindle and white bitch, while I had my eye on another red brindle and white bitch. We both wanted different puppies. I have no idea how long we were there. Him playing with one and me playing with the other. Finally, I think Carolynn could see we were both in love with different puppies, so she said, "Why don't you just take them both." Remember I said we were on the "hunt" for "one" Whippet? That potato chip thing can kick in early sometimes. So off we went home with our "two" new girls. In 199, Dwight's girl is Cajen Fillette (aka Fillie) and mine is Cajen Coquette (aka Cokie) It's hard to tell sometimes though whose dogs whose, they love us both.

Left is Ch Windborn
Take A Bow JC Sire of Fillies puppies
And on the Right is Wildhare The Winters Tale (ie Drama)
as seen on the picture she is 11.5 weeks


So how about a kennel name? Well, if Wildhare doesn't fit I don't know what does. We go to get "one" puppy and bring home "two". Last year we bred Fillie to Lori Wilson's Ch Windborn Take A Bow JC. And on December 1st Fillie and Beau presented us with 8 beautiful puppies. 4 males and 4 females. They were beautiful!!!!! But it was bitter sweet when at a day and a half we lost the first born, a male. But we were still blessed with 7 of the most precious puppies we could have ever hoped for. Thanks to Carolynn, Shari Mason, Peggy Bush, Jim Pumpelly and many others they are in very wonderful homes. We kept a beautiful red brindle and white bitch. If you see Wildhare The Winters Tale that's our Drama. The big girls will be four in November. Over the years Carolynn Bates has been the most wonderful mentor we could have ever hoped for. She is always there with a helping hand and answered more questions then I could count. If we can mentor the people who have our puppies half as much as she has for us we will have done well. Carolynn, Thank You, seems like so little to say. In our book you're the GREATEST!!!!!

Cajen Fillette (aka Fillie) Best Puppy In Show(not this picture though)

There aren't alot of stories we have to tell about our Whippets. We have had the honor of receiving a Best Puppy In Show (Fillie) and 3 Group placements (Jumper Gr 3 and Cokie 2-Gr 2's and 1 Gr 4). But I think the best memories are just owning them and watching them do what they love to do best. Many times I have stood at the window watching them run. What always comes to mind when I'm watching them are the words, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Most of you out there have alot more history in Whippets than we do and more words of wisdom. But we were asked what we see for the future of the Whippet breed. I'm not really sure I have the right to answer that question. The one thing I hope is not in the Whippet future is to get too popular that they are over bred and ruined. Thank God, with people out there watching over our wounderful Whippets, I don't think that will happen. We gave it a great deal of thought when we got Fillie and Cokie. We didn't jump in and get the first puppy that came along. We talked to many breeders and saw alot of puppies, but after seeing Megan and finding Carolynn our search centered there. I think the best thing that someone looking for a Whippet can do is find that person who best fits with them and go from there. For that, someone, will lead your search in the right direction.


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