Mike Downey and Windwalker Whippets got his first whippet 17 years ago. He was an 11 month old black male named Fox Run's Flyingbolt (Stymie). His sire was Knight Kap O' Lazebrook ARM and his dam was CH Oxbow Oreo of Lazebrook. I was living on a thoroughbred farm with a friend that owned female whippet. He wanted to breed her and had found a male to consider. He was busy and asked me to go look at the dog for him. I went and found the beautiful sleek muscular dog very pleasing to my eye. When asked the lady said his stud fee was $100. She also said she was selling him and the bitches cycle should be soon or he might be gone. I asked his selling price. She said he was $200. I had been staying at my friends house for some months after a divorce and as a gesture of thanks I bought the dog for him!! I told the lady I had $153 with me and needed the $3 for gas, would she sell. She signed the papers and off we went. I was very proud of the gift, but my friend had a different view! He was glad to breed to him but not to own! Guess I now owned my first whippet!! Never a better companion to travel and enjoy.

On the subject of why whippets? I love fine performance horses and the whippet fit right in. In the beginning of owning whippets, I drew as much info as I could from all willing to share. I weighed it all and chose those things that seemed to work the best for me and my dog. A few years later I became aquainted with Tony Lewis and his Lyth Whippets. I have gained much from his friendship and experience in the breed. His life has almost always included dogs and hunting. His help to me can never be repaid. Thank You Tony!

On the subject of best memories with the whippet breed, this is where I could write volumes!! I will choose one and tell you now it is only an example of many invaluable times with my hounds. My first trip to WY to let my dog Stymie run some jacks is still very clear in my mind. Never having been west of the Mississippi as an adult, I drove 1400 miles to Medicine Bow, WY. I had done much lure coursing and was always thrilled with the sight. Let me tell you that when that first big jack broke brush and my Stymie sprang to the challenge was almost heart stopping!! I would walk the distance, if there were no other way, to see my hounds run the jacks in the field!! No printed words will ever relate to those that have not seen.

"Lyth Deil"

On the subject of the future of the whippet breed, "There are more and more whippet owners and breeders realizing the original function of the whippet." To run and hunt. They will hopefully make the functionallity of the breed as a whole improve. We all now "form FOLLOWS function" and the results of the reverse. The whippet is not for everyone. They are athletes in the highest sense and deserve the time and dedication of owners to develope their skills in some field of performance activities. They will naturally be faithful and loving ! I feel the quality and future of the breed lies with a few that are dedicated to the hounds and not their own egos. Pushing ones kennel and personal agenda to the light before the good of the breed will make the struggle for a unified functional breed a longer road. Titles are ink on paper and functional whippets are the backbone of the breed. Test your hounds in the performance venue of your choice, and breed ONLY the very best!
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