Ch Bokellas Cowra Chardonnay "Saara"
(sired by Australian import Int Ch Rothbury Bonecrusher

Marita Ikonen and Yannod's Whippets from Finland. Ten years ago I got to know my friend's whippets. At that time I was a proud owner of a rottweiler puppy, so I didn't really know what to think of those little hairless, fox-looking creatures. But little by little I got used to whippet's appearance and I fell for its straightforward temperament. After a while I thought that a whippet might well be a suitable friend to my rottweiler and so I bought my first whippet "Debi".

The dogs got along excellently so in 1991 I bought a bitch from Sweden, Ch Bokellas Cowra Chardonnay "Saara" (sired by Australian import Int Ch Rothbury Bonecrusher). With her I also started show activities. Three years later was the time for the first litter. Saara was bred to a dog out of American-English lines, Ch Kipin Kapin Autumn Haze (Int Ch Play a While at Peperone - Ch Autumn Terra Bella Cedar). One of the puppies stayed at home, Ch Yannod's Clipper and with him we have also been active in obedience and agility.

Ch Yannod's Clipper

In 1997 one of my favorites, Int Ch Kipin Kapin Autumn Sonata (litter sister to the above mentioned Haze), was bred to Int Ch Hubbestad Going Dutch (son to Eng Ch Pencloe Dutch Gold). I went to see the puppies when they were five weeks old and fell in love with one particular puppy. Some weeks later I was little Naomi's (Softouch Cattail Moon) happy owner! This beautiful puppy matured into a beautiful adult. She has been shown infrequently, but she has two CC's, a couple of group wins and BIS-placements in all breed shows.

Our second litter was by Clipper and Naomi and from these puppies we kept the boy Yannod's Fire'n'Ice and bitch Fire'n'Flame. All my current whippets are mainly out of English-American lines. In these two litters we have had BIS-puppies, CC-winners and above all pets with good temperaments. We have also been lucky to have found responsible and caring homes for our puppies.

"Naomi" Softouch Cattail Moon left
& right Australian import Int Ch Rothbury Bonecrusher


The quality of whippets in Finland has improved greatly during the last ten years. The reasons to this are the opening of borders and the successful use of import dogs. The breed's image has also improved - people have noticed that the whippet is a fine dog among others. The greatest credit in PR-section in Finland belongs to Unto Timonen's American import, Multi Ch Autumn Terra Bella I'm Redee, who reigned the show rings in the '90's. With Dotty the whippets started to gain big wins and the audience got to see that a whippet is also a showy, charismatic and well moving dog!

Although I don't breed very often it is very interesting to follow other Scandinavian litters from different bloodlines.

Everyday life with whippets is rich and diverse. A well-muscled, conditioned whippet is a joy to the eye and its "all-round" temperament attracts me every day. A calm inside dog changes in a flash to a fast and lithe runner. In my opinion a whippet is also a versatile dog with possibilities to almost anything - from racing to obedience.

When I think of my own dogs, one memory is above all. A couple of years ago Clipper was attacked by two German Shepherds. He was lost almost a day with his leash and collar on! This was the end of the winter - which can be very cold time in Finland - but luckily it wasn't too cold and his leash wasn't caught anywhere. I will never forget the moment when he walked towards us with the couple who had found him - exhausted but safe!

"Hissus" Yannod's Fire'n'Ice

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